Flowering two weeks in advance

7 June 2021


Blog le tour de vigne

While the Covid is there and the champagne houses are stopped, the vines continue their vegetative cycle in a wonderful way. With almost two weeks in advance, the vine is blooming in the Côte des Blancs. Thanks to a particularly sunny spring, the vines express themselves majestically, with few cryptogamic diseases. Indeed, due to the absence of spring rains, mildew, oïdium and gray rot are not spoiling grapes. A little comfort for Champagne winemakers in this delicate period. Next stage of the cycle in a few days, fruit set. When the flower becomes fruit and the optimal conditions continue, the winemaker begins to see the whole soul of the house in its buds. Hoping that the hail spares the vines, which was not the case in Bordeaux this year. The harvest promises to be early, beautiful and of high quality. It remains to be determined what yields will be authorized in Champagne this year; see you on July 31, date of the official announcement.


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