IPI, his passion, the travel diary

20 May 2020


artist drawing painting nature art


IPI, his passion, the TRAVEL DIARY.

DIARY, to sketch and draw the landscapes, the impressions felt, the atmosphere of a place…

TRAVEL, to meet others, to discover elsewhere…

TRAVEL DIARY, a concentrate of memories that can be shared.

So as soon as his eyes shine seeing something that gives her emotion, IPI speaks on the blank pages of his notebook.

Then, in the studio, other creations on the canvas will prolong the journey for a while.

IPI likes to take refuge in nature and the vineyards where it finds part of its inspiration. IPI loves everything that glitters and sparkles like champagne.

If you see IPI in the middle of a vineyard, she’s found the right place.

The Tour de Vigne loves artists, art, and in particular the art of champagne and the Champagne.

Le Tour de Vigne aime les artistes, l’Art, et notamment l’art de la Champagne et du Champagne.